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We can increase the volume of high quality, qualified leads that you receive, so you only invest in positive results. Categorized and filtered for ease of use by you, the business owner, you can more easily and effectively hit the demographic of your choosing.

Our Most Popular Verticals

Tax Debt Leads

Connecting You to Your Best Prospects

You know your target market – people with tax problems who need your help. Now all you need is a big, juicy batch of tax debt leads, primed and ready to respond to your message.

Maybe you need real time leads, hot off the presses. Or the more affordable aged tax leads. Either way, Email Agency can deliver high quality tax debt leads that give your business a surge of activity.

How We Generate Tax Leads

Data from our own in-house lead generation campaigns is merged with data from multiple providers. In this way, we generate hundreds of real time tax leads each day… active leads comprised of people who need tax help now. People dealing with unpaid back taxes, unfiled returns, late filings, audits and other troubles.

You want to help them. And we want to help you find them.

Email Agency will customize a campaign to suit your marketing goals. So you’ll get the type of tax debt leads that hold the greatest promise of conversion, whether real time or aged tax leads.

Why Consider Aged Tax Leads from Email Agency?

• You get high quality tax leads at a lower cost.
• You have more time to nurture the leads, less urgency.
• Aged tax leads are good for sales training.
• Aged tax leads can be targeted more precisely.

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Diabetic Leads

The diabetic community is growing rapidly as more and more Americans contract the disease. So it’s increasingly important that health care marketers have access to high quality diabetic leads and Medicare leads.

As this crucial demographic expands, the lead generation professionals at Email Agency have made sourcing quality diabetes leads a top priority.

Thousands of Fresh, Opt-in Diabetes Leads Daily

Every day, our database of diabetic leads receives a flood of new inquiries from patients actively seeking out products and services to help manage their disease. This category also includes Medicare leads from seniors verified for reimbursement for their diabetes supplies.

When you work with Email Agency, your organization can select either fresh, “hot” diabetic leads or aged diabetes leads, depending on your needs and budget. Our unique sorting algorithm also lets us filter data for the exact geographic, demographic and lifestyle selects you need to precision target your campaign.

Why Choose Email Agency for Diabetic and Medicare Leads?

  • Leads are HIPPA compliant
  • Leads are opt-in and verified
  • Leads can be laser focused on your niche(s)
  • Our lead acquisition campaigns can be customized
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Private Insurance Diabetic Leads

An emerging sector of the diabetes market is private insurance diabetic leads… and it’s poised to explode in demand. These leads are comprised of under-65 diabetic data – non-Medicare diabetics whose supplies are covered by private insurance policies.

As diabetes becomes more prevalent among young and middle aged adults, health care suppliers and marketers will need access to more data for this demographic.

If your organization wants to be on the cutting edge of a lucrative and sustainable growth sector, talk to our lead generation specialists at Email Agency.

The Email Agency Difference

  • Real-time and aged private insurance diabetic leads.
  • Quality leads produced using HIPPA compliant, opt-in methods.
  • Every lead value laden for optimum ROI.
  • Leads that can be filtered for the most precise selects of any lead generation service: demographic, geographic, lifestyle, and more.
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Health Insurance Leads

For Insurable and Uninsurable Consumers

Email Agency’s lead generation division specializes in health leads… both insurable and uninsurable health leads.

As you know, the shifting medical insurance landscape is driving US consumers to seek better, more affordable coverage. And higher numbers than ever are turning to the web to do their research and purchasing.

If health insurance consumers are in your sights, we can help you reach them.

2,500 Health Insurance Leads Daily!

Our health insurance leads are generated both internally and from a large network of reputable affiliates who provide us with compliant, high quality leads. We work with call centers across the US that collect both real time and aged health leads for us.

Aggregators compile and merge all that data. The result: over 2,500 health insurance leads roll in every day! And we can further mine that data to refine the list to your specific demographic and geographic needs. Voila! Extreme niche marketing – our specialty.

Uninsurable Health Leads

People with pre-existing conditions need coverage, too, and they’re aggressively seeking it out online. We can get you in front of those eyeballs with our sizable database of uninsurable health leads.

Email Agency delivers eager prospects who are wide open to your offer… and isn’t that what every marketer wants?

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Debt Settlement Leads

Debt Consolidation Leads, Credit Card Relief Leads & More

In good economic times and bad, there are always people who need help dealing with their debts. When they reach out, Email Agency is here to guide them to the services they need. And to provide your business with a reliable source of debt settlement leads.

Marketing firms, collection agencies and others have been turning to us for years. That’s because our lists are opt-in, highly targeted, and 100% compliant with FTC and TSR guidelines.

The leads for debt settlement that you purchase from us can also be filtered for hundreds of demographic and geographic selects. So you can aim your marketing budget at your most lucrative target markets for superior ROI.

Our Debt Consolidation Leads

More and more consumers are consolidating their bills as an effective way to pay them off faster at better interest rates. If that’s your business, Email Agency is your strategic partner for debt consolidation leads.

The leads we gather are broadly sourced from our own in-house marketing campaigns plus outside call centers. The focus is on attracting fresh, active leads for debt settlement solutions.

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Education Leads

Let Us Do Your EDU Lead Generation Homework

When institutions need to boost enrollment, they need a source of quality opt-in education leads. They need dependable leads from would-be students who are actively planning to pursue one of their educational programs.

They need Email Agency’s education lead generation services.

Why Buy Education Leads from Email Agency?

  • Ready to go: Our EDU lead generation campaigns are ongoing daily.
  • Targeted: We reach highly focused niches for campaign effectiveness and ROI.
  • Quality: Our education leads are triple verified, qualified and strictly opt in.
  • Affordable: Our online marketing strategies keep your costs down.

Lead Sourcing & Filtering

Our EDU lead generation program includes in-house campaigns along with input from US call centers and multiple other sources. This allows us to compile data on large numbers of consumers who want to hear from you – prospective students who have requested information about a specific college or program.

The degrees targeted by our education lead generation include: Certificate; Diploma; Associate; Bachelor; Master; and Doctorate across all fields of study. We can categorize and filter the results to deliver precisely the demographics you want to reach.

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Personal Injury Legal Leads

Waiting for personal injury cases to find your law firm is one way to get new clients… the slow, scatter-shot way.

Then there’s the fast, precise way: Lead generation that specifically targets the personal injury niche market.

After all, you know they’re out there. Millions of people need legal help after an injury due to an accident. And they don’t know who to turn to. How do you connect with them before they hire another firm?

Turning Our Leads into Your Clients

Email Agency has a vast and constantly growing database of personal injury leads. Hundreds of high quality leads are added to our lists every month – leads we’ve collected in strict compliance with FCC marketing guidelines.

Most legal firms would love to have a steady stream of new clients knocking on their door. But the majority of them rely on old marketing models like TV and print advertising or static websites. They cast a wide net and hope a few fish get caught.

You know there’s a better way. Talk to Email Agency about lead generation campaigns that zero in on the prospects you most want to reach.

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Social Security Disability Leads

Right now, Email Agency is actively collecting social security disability leads. Even before you contact us, we’re conducting ongoing lead generation campaigns so we’ll be ready when you need us.

One of our campaigns specifically reaches out to people who need legal help with their social security disability claim. So if you represent a law firm or marketing agency that wants a lot of new, qualified clients… we can help. Starting right now.

Why Law Firms Come Here for Leads

These days, it isn’t enough to wait for clients to find you. Odds are better they’ll find somebody else’s firm first. To be successful, lawyers must be proactive. And to be proactive, they need to seek out members of their target audience rather than wait for them to come knocking.

Our social security disability campaigns are comprised of high quality, responsive leads harvested in compliance with all legal guidelines. The leads you receive will be “hot”, targeted, and categorized for your desired demographic.

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Our unique sorting algorithm also lets us filter data for the exact geographic, demographic and lifestyle selects you need to precision target your campaign. Check out our wide range of selects and filters we call Targeting Intelligence

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